U.S. Marines Careers: Learning How You Can Serve

The U.S. Marines are an elite fighting force; however U.S Marines careers are incredibly varied. If you’re interested in joining this branch of the Armed Forces, but you’re not quite sure how to join the Marines, this guide’s for you.

U.S. Marines Careers: Officer Or Enlisted

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want to serve in the enlisted corps, or if you want to be an officer. Typically, officers are Marines with a college degree, however having a degree won’t prohibit you from entering as an enlisted Marine.

Possibly the biggest difference between enlisted personnel and officers is the pay rate. Officers do earn more, even immediately upon entering service. Officers also receive more in housing allowances and larger homes if they choose to live on base.

Officers are also typically the supervisors and leaders of the enlisted corps. Younger enlisted members will serve under a senior enlisted member and the chain of command goes up to the officer in charge. However, this doesn’t mean that enlisted members aren’t given a high degree of responsibility. Enlisted members can be instructors, paralegals, military police and even weather forecasters.

The Officer Marines Jobs List

The officer Marines jobs list is quite varied. Officers can work on the ground, in the air or even in the legal profession. Ground officers can have U.S. Marines careers as field artillery officers, signals intelligence officers, public affairs officers and amphibious assault vehicle officers, among many others. If you’re more interested in being an aviation officer, you could become pilot, supervise maintenance crews as an aviation maintenance officer or even be an air traffic control officer. One last path to becoming an officer in the Marine Corps is to become a lawyer. These lawyers defend and prosecute Marines who have been accused of committing a crime. Unlike the other branches, the officer Marines jobs list does not include medical personnel.

The Enlisted Marines Jobs List

There are many more careers on the enlisted Marines jobs list. Enlisted personnel can have careers in avionics, aircraft maintenance, communications, combat engineering, infantry, field artillery, transportation and explosion ordinance disposal.

To find out if they’re qualified for certain positions on the Marines jobs list, potential recruits will take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (known as the ASVAB), which is a standardized test that’s similar to the ACT or SAT. There are nine sections and these sections include:

  • General Science
  • Arithmetic Reasoning
  • Word Knowledge
  • Paragraph Comprehension
  • Mathematics Knowledge
  • Electronics Information
  • Automotive and Shop Information
  • Mechanical Comprehension
  • Assembling Objects
  • Verbal Expression

The first four sections are also known as the Armed Forces Qualifying Test. To qualify to become a Marine, test takers need to score at least a 32 on the AFQT if they have a high school diploma and a 50 on the test if they have a GED. The individual scores from the ASVAB will help determine which of the U.S. Marines careers they’re qualified for. Recruits will sometimes have a choice, but oftentimes the needs of the Marines will determine what career field someone will go into.

Whether you’re looking to become an officer or enter into the enlisted corps, there are plenty of opportunities on the Marines jobs list. If you’re interested in learning more about the opportunities that are available to you, consider meeting with a recruiter and scheduling a time to take the ASVAB. Once you know your scores, you’ll be able to learn more about U.S. Marines careers that are available to you.

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