Top Companies That Offer Veteran Jobs

Veteran programs and initiatives have paved the ways for military veterans to find meaningful employment in areas that best suit their needs and desires. Here are a few leading companies who recognize the importance of hiring military veterans.

Military members returning to the civilian workforce after their service and veterans that have been out longer face many challenges and obstacles. While all people that leave the armed forces do so with unique skills and experiences, it isn’t always easy for returning troops to find their niche in the workplace. So, we thought about telling you about several companies that love hiring military veterans.

Thankfully, due in part to pushes from the federal government and folks all the way down at the state, local, and grass-roots level, transitioning service members and veterans are making their way to the top of the list for employment in the public and private sector. Many veteran programs and initiatives have paved the ways for military veterans to find meaningful employment in areas that best suit their needs and desires.

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Any number of local businesses may be looking to tap the valuable military veteran resource, some national and international companies are poised to scoop up as many military veteran workers as they can. Whether these companies are simply very patriotic or just familiar with what excellent candidates veterans make for many jobs, these organizations are doing their part in reducing the challenges former service members face in the job market (here are a few jobs now for veterans). They are saying to military veterans all across the country, “You’re hired!”

Delta Airlines

As one of the largest airlines in the world, Delta employs roughly 80,000 people worldwide. Among those 80,000 are 10,000 veterans. Many of Delta’s pilots came to the company with military flight experience, and others still serve through the Reserve and National Guard component. In 2012, Delta received the Secretary of Defense’s Employer Support Freedom Award for their service to veterans and reservists.

General Motors Company

GM has a long-standing tradition of supporting both the mission of the military and the military service members returning home from the battlefield. With programs supporting wounded warriors and automobile discounts, GM has proven their dedication to veterans. Today, GM is making a large-scale hiring push to fill vacancies in their company with qualified veterans. From IT and manufacturing to retail sales and service, GM is committed to putting former boots in their company ranks.

The Coca-Cola Company

Another company that recognizes the value that Army veterans’ experience, training, and leadership qualities can bring to their work place is the Coca-Cola Company. They offer veterans a chance to serve the public in a different way by, “making, marketing, and distributing happiness.”

The Coca-Cola Company has a veteran hiring initiative that is actively seeking former military service members to work for their organization. On their hiring website, Coca-Cola provides a search tool that incorporates military job titles that assist veterans in finding opened positions for which they qualify.

Wells Fargo

Noting the statistic that 60% of veteran employees of Wells Fargo have been with the company for more than five years, the bank understands the strong dedication that former service members bring to the civilian workplace. Currently, Wells Fargo employs 7,600 veterans. In 2015 alone, they added 1,600 new vets to their team.

The bank created training and recruiting initiatives in 2014 that put the tools in the hands of their hiring professionals to identify, network with, and hire qualified military veterans all across the country. Obviously, their efforts have paid off, which has benefited the company and veterans alike.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

The reimagined fast food giant Chipotle has pledged to hire veterans from every branch of service in every one of their stores nationwide. They boast that the experience working for their chain is nothing like that of other fast food stores. They promise vets a chance to exercise their leadership skills in managerial positions, and they have a proven veteran-hiring track record as a member of the 100,000 Jobs Mission.

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