The Marine Corps’ tank and assault amphibian vehicle OccFld includes operation, employment, maneuver, and maintenance of tracked vehicles in the combined arms environment during both amphibious assaults and subsequent land operations ashore.

Qualifications required include basic mechanical aptitude and the ability efficiently operate the US Marines’ assigned vehicle type. These Marines must also be able to utilize teamwork with others in the confined area inside combat vehicles.

Formal schooling is provided to US Marines selected for this OccFld at both the entry level and at the subsequent times during their career development.

US Marines entering this OccFld receive MOS 1800: Basic Tank and Assault Amphibious Vehicle Crewman. After entry into OccFld 18 and assignment of a basic 1800 MOS, personnel specialize in either the M1A1 tank or the assault amphibious vehicle and are assigned the 1812 or 1833 MOS, respectively.

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