The Marine Corps supply administration and operations OccFld includes personnel in the areas of ground supply administration and operations, warehousing, preservation and packaging, hazardous materials storage and handling, fiscal accounting and purchasing, and contracting procedures according to the Federal Acquisition Regulations.

Qualifications required for US Marines to enter this profession include computer knowledge and other skills necessary for recruits to be successful here. Duties include administrative and government specific procedures and the use of material handling equipment in the movement and storage of supplies and equipment.

In all MOSs within this OccFld, technical skills are required and must meet military and commercial specifications. Activities will include supplies and equipment being procured, stored, and maintained. These skills and duties must be performed in garrison, contingency, and combat environments.

These Marines are required to understand the operation of various multimedia, data scanning, and retrieval devices; office and warehouse management procedures; automated information services data entry and external systems interface procedures; asset accounting functions; financial budget formulation; management and analysis; and the proper handling, storage, and disposal of hazardous material.

US Marines entering this OccFld will receive advanced training in this field and then be assigned to entry level jobs such as automated information services, supply stock control clerk (retail and wholesale), warehouse clerk, packaging specialist, fiscal clerk, or personal computer operator.

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