Marine Benefits: A Short List

For those who have decided that they want to become a Marine there is a point, maybe towards the beginning, that they are drawn to it for Marine benefits like the structure and security, or perhaps the sense of brotherhood (and sisterhood). Yet at some point, hopefully, the practical questions start to matter as well. The Marine Corps is a serious career path, and one that has its own specific package of benefits, including certain financial, health, and educational benefits. Let’s take a look at the main list of benefits you will receive for being a Marine.

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Yes, you will get a salary for enlisting in the United States Marine Corps. It is the Marine Corps standard pay rate. You want to be able to make ends meet for both yourself and perhaps your family while you’re training and serving your country. In addition to the base salary, you will also get cost-of-living adjusts, money for housing, and even money for uniforms. The longer you serve and advance in rank, you can expect to receive regular pay raises.


Others hope to plan for retirement from the military following a full twenty years of service and recognize that there are financial concerns that must be addressed. The Marines offer soldiers a lifetime pension upon retirement from active duty. This money can be a great cash infusion to help you get some other business venture off the ground in civilian life.


Marine Benefits in Education


One of the biggest attractions of the military for young people is the chance at educational advancement available for those who choose to serve. Using programs like the Post 9-11 G. I. Bill, the Marine Corps College Fund, and Tuition Assistance, many active duty Marines can go to college completely (or nearly) free. There are other secondary education options available to Marines at the Bachelor and Masters levels. Most of them cover the majority of any educational expenses–guaranteeing that you will more career options available after discharge than you had going in.


Marine Healthcare Benefits


You can expect to get excellent, comprehensive healthcare as an active-duty Marine. After all, your country needs you operating at peak physical performances. All healthcare expenses are provided to the soldier and his or her family completely free while the Marine is in active duty. If you decide to stay in the service until full retirement, you will then be granted lifetime health coverage. If you have spouse they will have access at reduced rates. The Veterans Administration (VA) is a common source of healthcare for military veterans of every branch.


A Place To Live


One of the other benefits is free or low-cost housing. In many cases, this takes the form of barracks on the base, but for other Marines, particularly those with families, there are other options. Many bases come with complete communities with homes for military families. Also, for those personnel granted permission to live off the base, a housing allowance is provided to lower the monthly cost for rent or a mortgage payment. Once you’ve retired from the Marines, the VA also offers a number of home loan options to help you buy your first house.


Other Marine Benefits


While it isn’t always recognized as a benefit, the chance at world travel is certainly worthy to be called one. Your various assignments and deployments may take you to a variety of countries, exposing you to different cultures and attitudes than your own. Additionally, most would obviously count leave as a benefit. It’s your time to get away and visit your friends and family; it amounts to vacation time if you were working in a civilian profession.


There are also Marine benefits that are not quite as tangible. They come in the form of a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in what you are doing. The friendship and brotherhood of the Marine Corps provides a sense of belonging and aspiring to the service of something greater than yourself. Those benefits count for a lot all on their own. They are what drive many people into service in any of the various branches of America’s armed forces.  If you are interested in finding out more about Marine benefits and how to join, fill out this form.







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