The command and control systems occupational field includes the design, installation, interconnection, and operation of communication networks and information systems used to transmit information and data.

Marines in this field operate and perform preventive maintenance on both hardware and software systems; including telephone, teletype, switching, radio, cryptographic, and computer systems, which are essential links in the overall functions of command and control. They must have basic to advanced manual and language skills and must be able to master precise communication and computer procedures, as well as interact on a daily basis with users to solve command and control systems challenges. Attention to detail and the ability to work closely with others are essential requirements.

Eligibility for a security clearance is a requirement for some command and control systems specialties.

Marines entering command and control systems are assigned MOS 0600, Basic Command and Control Systems Marine. They will participate in various command and control systems functions while training for a designated MOS within the OccFld.

Entry-level jobs available include work as a field radio operator, wireman, multichannel equipment operator, satellite communications equipment operator, small computer systems technician, or data network technician. The opportunity to participate in a formal apprenticeship program leading to receipt of a Department of Labor Certificate of Apprenticeship Completion may be available in some MOSs within OccFld 0600; refer to MCO 1550.22 for specific information concerning this program.

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