The Signals Intelligence/Ground Electronic Warfare OccFld includes the operation of Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) collection and communications equipment.

US Marines in this field conduct collection, analysis, production, and dissemination of data collected from such equipment. In addition, these Marines manage communication equipment and facilities. Marine recruits entering the SIGINT/EW field will be required to set up and operate communications and/or electronic equipment, prepare reports, conduct preventive maintenance on assigned equipment, and assist in the operations control and management of SIGINT/EW equipment and facilities.

Entry-level jobs include Communications Intelligence Intercept Operator, ELINT Intercept Operator, Special Intelligence Communicator, and Voice Intercept Operator. Marines can also enter the SIGINT field at the grade of corporal or sergeant.

Duty assignments are made to Naval Security Group field stations, the operating forces Radio Marine Battalions, the Air Wing VMAQs, and the staff sections of the Marine divisions and wings.

All personnel are expected to become familiar with Marine tactical SIGINT/EW operations including electronic attack (EA), electronic protect (EP), electronic support (ES), and radio direction-finding functions. These skills may be obtained through formal training and should be mastered prior to obtaining the grade of gunnery sergeant.

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