The data/communications maintenance OccFld includes the diagnosis, repair, adjustment, and calibration of electronic equipment and systems used by Marine Corps ground forces.

These types of equipment and systems include various communications hardware, data terminals, cryptographic devices, ground radar, and a wide range of test equipment and calibration devices.

Qualifications to work in this field include manual dexterity, normal color vision, the ability to understand involved technical material, and to comprehend somewhat complex mathematical and logic principles. Types of entry-level jobs available to US Marines include work as a telephone technician, PC and tactical office machine repairer, ground radio repairer, TMDE technician, and ground radar repairer. Formal schooling is provided to all Marines entering this field.

In general, entry-level training consists of basic electronics, fundamentals instruction, and an equipment-oriented phase at either a Marine Corps or other service school. Advancing from the entry-level MOS may involve either related supervisory level training or a lateral move to another MOS within the field. Billets for data/communications maintenance personnel are found throughout the Marine Corps, but are concentrated within units having specific electronic or service support missions.

US Marines in this field may serve within division or wing units, at a force service support group, or at a depot overseeing the complete overhaul of electronic equipment. Instructor billets are found at the formal schools and on inspector-instructor staffs.

Marine recruits entering this field will be assigned MOS 2800: Basic Data/Communications Maintenance Marine.

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